Undertow Short FIlm Storyboard


I produced these storyboards in collaboration with Jasmine Eladas. The images with a dark grey background are the ones drawn by Jasmine Eladas. Images with blue linework indicate scenes from one location, and images with red linework indicate another location. Click here to open the full storyboard PDF

Director: Jasmine Eladas. 
BG Illustrations: Louis Sciannamblo. 
Sound design: TBD  

Shrouded Isle cut-scenes


The Shrouded Isle

The Shrouded Isle is a Lovecraftian cult-themed video game available on Steam, developed by Kitfox Games.

I was contracted by Kitfox to produce a number of In-game cutscenes. I storyboarded the cut-scenes myself and animated them using the Unity engine's animation tools and UI panels, roughly equivalent to AfterEffects. All assets created in Adobe Photoshop.