Marketing Art for Castle Story

With Sauropod Studio's Art Director, I worked on key marketing art for Castle Story's 1.0 release, including...

  • Box art for the game

  • Illustrated banners to appear on the Castle Story website

  • Illustrations used on T-stands and merchandise


Cut Scenes for The Shrouded Isle

Working again with Kitfox Games I completed 4 ending cut-scenes for the Shrouded Isle.

  • Storyboarding

  • Creating scene assets in Photoshop

  • Compositing/Animating cut-scenes in Unity


Animation for Moon Hunters: Eternal Echoes DLC

During my time with the lovely Kitfox Games team, I made many pixel art animations for the following new features added to the game.

  • a new player character, the Snowdancer

  • a new meta-game and final boss

  • a new endless arena challenge, using revived legends of former heroes!


UI for Shuyan: Rise of the red Dragon

Shuyan is an action graphic novel, with comic-like narrative sequences, and 3D combat scenes

I worked on the UI and other art to help give gameplay feedback to the player. 

Please contact me for samples.


Costume design/Animation on Ultimate Chicken Horse

Ultimate Chicken Horse is a party platformer that flips between strategic level building and intense platforming.

During my time with the Clever Endeavour team, I worked using the existing animation style to create fully animated costumes for each possible character available to the players.


Concept Art on Poltergus

During my time on Poltergus at Rad Sandwich Studios, I worked on...

  • Concept art

  • Art direction (with student interns)

  • Marketing Art

  • Kickstarter campaign


Art on Spacebro: Justice Rocket

Started at Crtitical Hit MTL in 2014, Spacebro won the Innovation award at the Montreal Idependent Games Festival in 2015